Weighing The Benefits and Risks Of Colgate’s Total Toothpaste

The New York Times asks why a chemical, triclosan, the FDA banned from soaps still exists in Colgate Total Toothpaste. Colgate believes the full weight of scientific evidence they’ve collected over 25 years supports Colgate Total’s safety and efficacy. What are the benefits of this chemical ingredient? In 2013, studies showed that toothpastes with triclosan […]

Strong Is Beautiful – eMax Veneers!

  Welcome to the world of eMax Veneers! eMAX, made of the finest porcelain ceramic materials, allows us to create very strong, thin veneers with minimal removal of tooth.When used properly for single tooth restorations its success rate is over 99%. These quality restorations of unmatched beauty, fit and strength can be created in our in-house […]

New Evidence Reconfirms Link Between Periodontal Disease And Heart Disease

A new study from The Netherlands finds that people with chronic gum disease have a significantly higher rate of heart disease and stroke This adds to a growing body of research linking gum, (periodontal), disease to heart disease and strokes. It is significant because it reviewed the health records of over 60,000 patients.   While researchers are not completely sure […]

Cerec And Invisalign – Together At Last

Two of the most innovative dental technologies, CEREC and Invisalign, are now compatible. Invisalign is the premier provider of clear positioners for straightening teeth. Their almost invisible trays are a popular way for adults to straighten their teeth. Up to 2/3 of adults could benefit from straighter teeth which not only look better but are […]

Milling crowns with Samantha, our lab technician

Talk about 10 Years Forward.. 10x faster!” Our milling machine is one piece of our in-house lab that creates crowns in a single visit. How?  Once the Doctor has scanned the patients prepped teeth, the technicians get busy in designing the new crown and milling it. Next step, is for the doctor to try the […]

Is flossing overrated? Maybe- but you still need to remove the plaque!

Recent reports removing the recommendation to floss, have led to rejoicing among many people and shock and despair for dental hygienists. But what was actually said and what does it mean? The Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services are required by law to have strong scientific research for every recommendation. The reality is […]

The New York Times Questions Dental X-RAYS

A New York Times article on dental X-rays,, generated many questions from our patients. Read an exchange between a Gallery57Dental patient and Dr. Andrew Koenigsberg, which addresses that question. Patient RK- What do you think of this article, “You probably don’t need dental x-rays every year?” I’ve wondered about it before. Thanks! RK Dr. K– Hi […]

The Scoop On Ice Cream And Dental Health

Summer’s here and the heat is rising. On these hot sultry days, ice cream and other ice-cold sugar-packed treats are hard to resist. Here are some tips on how to indulge, without putting your dental health at risk. Ice cream is a good source of calcium, which keeps the teeth healthy. But unfortunately it’s packed […]

Take 10-Years Off Your Smile With KORS Whitening System

    You can take years off your smile, using KORS unique whitening system. Remove discoloration caused by age, food, drinks and smoking, and control how white your teeth become. Developed by an American dentist, Dr. Rod Kurthy in California, it is the only teeth whitening product that relies entirely on refrigeration to keep the whitening gels fresh and active and  reduces sensitivity. It works well for a whole range of cases, from average discoloration to  more extreme tetracycline cases. Clinical Research Associates (CRA) as well as other researchers have found that whitening  gel in conventional whitening trays is only strongly active for 25­-30 minutes. This is due to  rapid contamination of the whitening gel by saliva. KOR whitening trays are designed to  seal fluid out of the trays. It delivers beautiful, natural-looking results. How white do you want your teeth to look? It’s all up to you. Speak to your dentist about  refreshing your look with the KORS Whitening System and smile as big as you’d like.

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