Take 10-Years Off Your Smile With KORS Whitening System

    You can take years off your smile, using KORS unique whitening system. Remove discoloration caused by age, food, drinks and smoking, and control how white your teeth become. Developed by an American dentist, Dr. Rod Kurthy in California, it is the only teeth whitening product that relies entirely on refrigeration to keep the whitening gels fresh and active and  reduces sensitivity. It works well for a whole range of cases, from average discoloration to  more extreme tetracycline cases. Clinical Research Associates (CRA) as well as other researchers have found that whitening  gel in conventional whitening trays is only strongly active for 25­-30 minutes. This is due to  rapid contamination of the whitening gel by saliva. KOR whitening trays are designed to  seal fluid out of the trays. It delivers beautiful, natural-looking results. How white do you want your teeth to look? It’s all up to you. Speak to your dentist about  refreshing your look with the KORS Whitening System and smile as big as you’d like.

Tom Heusing

Thank you Tom Heusing of Sirona/Dentsply for your support. Click to watch video content.

National Women’s Health Week (including dental health!)

It’s National Women’s Health Week this week and we’re making women’s health (including dental health) a priority. Here are some dental health issues that are related to women. Gum Disease – Research shows a link between gum disease and a variety of health problems that affect women. Heart disease – Women with gum disease may be […]

A Decade of Digital Radiography

Gallery57Dental has been using digital radiography since opening its doors in 2006.  The founding partners recognized not only the diagnostic advantages of digital radiographs, but also the importance of reduced radiation exposure to patients.  Over the past 10 years, Gallery57Dental has upgraded digital sensors three times.  Each upgrade enabled dentists at Gallery57 to have a more […]

Soothing Tooth Sensitivity

If biting into an ice cream cone or sipping a hot cup of coffee has you seeing stars, then you might be one of the approximately 40 million Americans suffering from teeth sensitivity. What causes tooth sensitivity? When the dentin on your tooth becomes exposed, the nerve endings may become sensitized. Here are some ways […]

Invisalign In Half The Time

    Patients feeling impatient about their orthodontic treatment, can now have their bite and smile improved in half the time with Propel technology. How does Propel work? -Propel is a simple 3-step in office treatment that is performed in minutes by our doctors, done during regularly scheduled appointments. There’s no recovery time and normal […]

Celebrating Dental Assistant Recognition Week – Let’s Get To Know Them!

We’re celebrating Dental Assistant Recognition Week 2016,  or “ladies in attendance” as they were called in the 1800’s! Here’s a few things you may not know about our dedicated, hardworking bunch! We couldn’t do it without you!   Wioletta Lazarz – Their fearless leader! “I’m a graphic designer. It was hard to find work and […]

Start Kids Early With Good Dental Care

Dr. Jed Best, everyone’s favorite pediatric dentist, is our guest blogger in honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month. He answers questions about how to start kids early with good dental care, helping protect their teeth for years to come. When should a child’s first visit take place? Either 6 months after the first tooth […]

No Fooling Your Dentist About Stress

There’ s no fooling your dentist when it comes to stress. Even as you give him your biggest smile, as soon as you open your mouth he’ll know how you’ve been dealing with the problems of your daily existence. Some of these stress related dental problems can include jaw disorders, mouth sores or even gum […]

Dentistry Peaks In Popularity In 2016

Is it possible to look forward to a dental appointment? Yup, these days it happens all the time! Dr. Andrew Koenigsberg, founder of @gallery57dental, is part of a new breed of dentist that has made this profession a top choice in 2016! “I feel fortunate to be a dentist at a time when we have […]


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