Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

The major dental diseases: decay, gum disease and oral cancer, have no symptoms until they are advanced. Our goal is to detect and treat disease early when treatment is simpler, less invasive and less costly.

At every examination, we do a thorough oral cancer screening. We do a visual and tactile exam to check the health of the gums and teeth. Click here to learn more about the software that lets us track your gum health. We take x-rays to allow us to examine areas we cannot visually see. Click here to learn more about our digital x-rays, which provide maximum diagnostic information with minimal radiation.

At Gallery57Dental, we customize your treatment based on your health. Patients are given an individual schedule for hygiene, examination and x-rays based on their oral health needs. We recommend patients visit us for preventative care every six months. However, patients with periodontal (gum) disease may need to see the dentist every 3-4 months.

Our goal is to help our patients maintain a healthy, functional and beautiful smile!

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At Gallery57Dental we have a staff of five, experienced hygienists. Our hygienists schedule an hour for every patient and use advance software to monitor your dental health. Nitrous Oxide, (laughing gas), is available for anxious patients. Our hygienists will review your oral health and work with you to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.


At Gallery57Dental we only use natural looking tooth colored fillings and no amalgams (silver-mercury alloy). Our fillings bond to your tooth, which allows us to keep more natural, healthy tooth structure. Unlike amalgams, they don’t expand, potentially causing cracks in the tooth. The secure bonding also makes the tooth stronger, protecting it from fracture.

For small to medium fillings we can often use the Solea Laser instead of a drill so that no injection is needed! Click here to learn more about the Solea laser.

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For larger fillings and veneers and crowns we often use porcelain restorations, which are stronger and more esthetic than plastic. Working with our in-house lab, Same Day Ceramics, most restorations are completed in a single visit! Click here to learn more about Same Day Ceramics lab.

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