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Same Day Crowns

Single Visit Dentistry

Single visit dentistry reinvents the experience of dental care. Whether you are being treated for tooth decay or wish to enhance your smile, the latest in dental technology enables us to achieve the best results quickly and comfortably. Our office uses the CEREC system to make restorations that used to take from 2 to multiple visits, done now in just a couple of hours!

PrimeScan Better

Here’s how it works: After the tooth is prepared a digital scan is made to create a virtual 3-D model. The restoration (either a crownveneerinlay or onlay) is then designed and sent to our in-house lab, Same Day Ceramics and milled out of a ceramic block specifically selected to match your tooth color.

While it mills, you can relax in our private treatment rooms, while our in-house laboratory creates the perfect restoration. The restoration is tried in to ensure it fits properly and is adjusted if needed. Once it feels comfortable, it gets bonded into place. All it takes is a single visit and you’ll leave with a healthy, confident smile every time.

There’s no recovery time afterwards, no need for a temporary, no second injection at a second visit, no waiting for an outside lab to make the restoration, and no gooey impression!

Cerec Primescan

The NEW Cerec Primescan is the most advance digital scanner made and we have it at Gallery57Dental. What does this mean to you as a patient? You can look forward to better, faster, more comfortable visits with exceptional results.


No more messy impressions – the digital scanning experience is comfortable, accurate and fast. Places that are normally hard to reach can be easily captured. With digital imaging, you can see your restoration being designed and made. You are included at all times and experience the whole process live from start to finish. We are also helping keep the world green. Digital impressions are eco-friendly. No plastic tray or chemicals and nothing has to be thrown away afterwards.


The Primescan has made single day dentistry even faster, visualizing larger areas with fewer sweeps and incredible precision. More precision means better fitting, longer lasting restorations. The Primescan is just another example of Gallery57Dental’s commitment to highest standards and state of the art digital technology to bring you the best care possible.


Injection and Drill-less dentistry

Welcome to a new, gentler generation of dental care. Gallery57Dental is one of the first practices to offer injection-less, drill-less fillings using the Solea Laser. Prepare for virtually soundless, painless and sensation-less procedures that take a fraction of the time of a traditional dental appointment. No anesthesia is required, which means multiple areas of the mouth can be worked on per visit and there’s no numbness to recover from. The Solea Laser is also effective on soft tissue to improve gum health and remove canker sores.

Solea Cart

Good Candidates For The Solea Are:

  • Anxious patients that require small to moderate size fillings.
  • Patients with small to moderate decay in multiple areas of the mouth
  • Patients with gum disease, canker sores or other soft tissue conditions
  • Patients that are needle-phobic

CBCT/Minimally Invasive Implant Surgery

Minimally invasive dental implant placement is a revolutionary step forward in permanent teeth restoration. Often, in just two visits, patients who are missing teeth or frustrated with poor fitting dentures can walk out with precisely fitting, esthetic restorations attached to implants.


3D visualization of your jaw with our in-office Cone Beam CT scanner allows us to fabricate guides for the surgery, eliminating the guesswork. This means more precise surgery, faster healing, fewer dental visits and better long-term success.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

  • Patients who are missing one or more teeth due to injury, disease or tooth decay
  • Those frustrated with loose or poor fitting partial or full dentures
  • Patients with adequate gum and bone

Digital Radiographs

Decay and gum disease do not cause pain until they are advanced. Radiographs allow us to evaluate areas we cannot see. Our radiographs are entirely digital, so there is up to 90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays. Our schedule for taking radiographs is specifically selected for each patient’s particular situation to minimize exposure.

iTero Invisalign Scanner

The iTero Scanner allows us to take digital impressions using a camera instead of old fashioned impressions in a tray with messy, gooey material. This method is not only more comfortable, but also faster and more accurate.

When it comes to Invisalign treatment, the iTero scanner speeds up treatment and allows patients to get an immediate look at the improvements that Invisalign can make in their smile. We can also track changes of the teeth and gums over time and send restorations digitally to our in-house laboratory.

Itero Digital Scanner
Itero Full Mouth scan screen

Florida Probe

We care about the health of your gums! Gum disease is the #1 dental health concern for adults. The Florida probe is a voice-activated periodontal probing and charting system that allows our hygienists to record the health status of your teeth and gums.

This information allows us to track changes over time, identify problem areas, recommend appropriate treatment to bring you back to your healthiest state and educate you on how to improve your at-home care. Plus, it’s quick and done during your already scheduled hygiene visit.

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