Dental anxiety is common and keeps many patients from seeking the care they need. Often, anxious patients wait until they’re having an emergency, which results in more extensive treatment. Our goal is to help anxious patients get the routine care they need in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

At Gallery57Dental we are sensitive to the anxiety many patients experience. Our spacious modern office and friendly compassionate staff help patients relax and feel confident about their needs being met.

Dental Sedation Options

We have many tools to help an anxious patient, although often just listening closely to them is the key to helping them get through their treatment. For others, we have nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or a prescription anti-anxiety medication.

For patients who are anxious about injections, we offer the Solea Laser which can be used for most small to medium fillings and doesn’t require a shot!

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We also work with mental health professionals who can help patients overcome severe anxiety.

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