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Beauty, Strength, & A Perfect Fit

  • When traditional fillings are not an option.
  • Requires less tooth removal, with no metal
  • Helps to protect and reinforce teeth
  • All-porcelain with the translucence of natural teeth (link to same day ceramics)
  • Created by our in-house lab in just one visit.

Porcelain onlays and crowns combine beauty and strength, reinforcing teeth when traditional fillings are not an option. This all-porcelain solution requires less tooth removal, with no metal and can be fitted in a single day by our in-house ceramics lab. Made from the most durable ceramic materials, onlays partially cover the tooth and crowns conceal the entire tooth surface above the gum line.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Crowns and Onlays?

  • Patients who cannot be treated with traditional fillings because of too much decay
  • Patients who’ve had root canal therapy and need a crown to help reinforce and protect the tooth

The difference between a crown and an onlay

At Gallery 57 we use onlays in lieu of crowns if possible. Porcelain onlays provide all the advantages of inlays when compared to typical amalgam fillings, and they are a more affordable alternative to a crown. To make room for a crown, your Gallery 57 dentist needs to remove a portion of the healthy tooth on all sides and the top. The crown then covers the entire visible portion of the tooth. An onlay only replaces the decayed portion of the tooth yet is still invisible when looking at the tooth.

How long will an onlay last?

Our ceramic onlays that we fabricate right in our 57th Street offices are very durable. Onlays can last up to 30 years. As compared with dental implants, which usually last the remainder of the patient’s life, onlays are a close second in durability.

How long dental crowns can last

Our ceramic crowns that restore the strength and function to a heavily damaged tooth are also quite durable. Our porcelain crowns created in our Same Day Ceramics lab typically last about 15 years, but there can be wide variability between patients.

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If you are diligent with your home hygiene, protecting the gums and natural tooth under the crown, we’ve had patients with crowns still in place 25-30 years later. If a crown needs to be replaced, it’s not a difficult process, as long as the natural tooth is healthy.

After having a crown or an onlay placed, do I have to avoid eating certain foods?

You can eat whatever you want with both of these restorations; there are not limitations when eating foods such as corn on the cob. However, you may want to avoid some overly sticky foods, particularly with a crown, as it is possible to dislodge the crown. Of course, it can be cemented back onto your tooth.

It’s wise moving forward to stop chewing ice, gnawing on bones, biting your fingernails, and using your teeth to open things. All of these bad habits can damage or dislodge a crown. But they are bad for your natural teeth, as well, so it’s wise to simply put an end to these habits.

Is the process of getting an onlay or a dental crown painful?

With all of our treatments at Gallery 57 Dental, we use the latest anesthetics to ensure you’re completely comfortable. When placing an onlay, we must first remove the decayed tooth matter or the failing filling. You’ll be locally anesthetized for this, so you don’t feel a thing. Afterwards, there is little if any soreness, but if so, it can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

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We typically numb the tooth when preparing it for a crown, as we need to shave down some of the healthy surface to make room for the crown. Placing the crown onto your tooth is painless.

The recovery process aft Crowns & Onlays

There really isn’t any recovery with the placement of an onlay or a crown. As mentioned, you may have some slight soreness later that day or the next day, but it can be managed easily. Otherwise, you can get right back to your normal activities as soon as you leave our office.

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To learn more about dental crowns and onlays, call Gallery 57 Dental at 212.246.8700 or contact us here to schedule an appointment! We proudly serve Manhattan and the surrounding areas of NYC.


“Had a pretty easy, comfortable visit getting my first crown placed at gallery 57. The dentist, and technicians (michelle, and rosie) are all wonderful people who made me feel comfortable during this procedure. I will definitely return for future dental work!”
– Ashtar Paniagua

“The professionalism and expertise is top notch here. The Gallery57Dental office incorporates the newest dental technology available. The entire process is efficient, time saving and gaurantees that you get the proper care, very friendly staff as well!”
– Andrew Feiwel.

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