December 2014

Addicted To You, Sweetie!

Do sugar cravings wake you up in the middle of the night? Is that withdrawal you are starting to feel each time you try to cut back? Probably. Scientific evidence has shown that sugar can be as addictive as cigarettes and drugs. It stimulates the pathways of the brain as an opioid would, producing symptoms …

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Midnight toast with Sugar-Free Egg Nog #gallery57dental #HappyNewYear #Cheers

Can we celebrate the New Year without sugary treats? Seems impossible at times. We all know that too much sugar can lead to tooth decay and a variety of health problems. So try to cut back wherever possible this season and toast the New Year with some healthy, DELICIOUS egg nog. Happy New Year from …

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Don’t Skip Brushing This Holiday Season #gallery57dental # Holidays #brushing

How gross! Did you forget to brush your teeth again, because you got home at dawn from another holiday party? How often do you neglect your teeth, because you’ve been working late, passed out watching television or one of the other million excuses we all have? Don’t let it turn into a habit! Doing a …

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A Kiss Transfers 80 Million Bacteria

Got plans to kiss under the mistletoe? Think again! Recent research published in the journal “Microbiome” found that as many as 80 million bacteria are transferred during at 10-second French kiss. The research was quite thorough. Scientists recruited 21 couples who happened to be visiting a zoo in Amsterdam. As part of the study, the …

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Lavender Lessens Dental Anxiety #Gallery57Dental #tips #NYCDentist

Dab on some lavender essential oil before your next dental appointment. Recent research has shown that dental patients exposed to lavender essential oil showed lower levels of anxiety than those that didn’t! (FYI Gallery 57 Dental uses lavender gloves when treating all their patients!)

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