Midnight toast with Sugar-Free Egg Nog #gallery57dental #HappyNewYear #Cheers

Can we celebrate the New Year without sugary treats? Seems impossible at times.
We all know that too much sugar can lead to tooth decay and a variety of health problems. So try to cut back wherever possible this season and toast the New Year with some healthy, DELICIOUS egg nog. Happy New Year from Gallery57Dental!

Sugar-Free Egg Nog


4 cups skim milk

1/2-1 cup Egg Beaters egg substitute

1/4 cup Splenda granular

3 tablespoons sugar free instant vanilla pudding mix

1/2 teaspoon rum extract

1/2 teaspoon brandy extract

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg


Place all of the ingredients in a blender, and blend for 30-60 seconds, or until smooth. Chill for several hours.

Shake or stir eggnog well to blend before serving. Serve in glasses or mugs with an additional sprinkle of nutmeg.

NOTES: You can use 6 packets of Equal instead of the Splenda Granular.

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