Month: June 2015

Oral Piercing Hazards

Oral piercings have become a cool form of self-expression, but unfortunately they can also be a health hazard. In some cases you could crack a tooth if you bite down too hard on the piercing and repeated clicking of the jewelry against teeth can cause tooth damage. More seriously oral piercings can lead to infections …

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The Dental Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Babies who breastfeed are less likely to develop tooth misalignments later on, according to a new study.  Another bonus is that children who are breastfed are less likely to use pacifiers, which can have a negative effect on the growth and development of their teeth and mouth.

We all want “Perfect Teeth” #gallery57dental #invisalign #perfectteeth

Recently, New York Magazine did a feature on America’s obsession with perfect teeth. The article focuses on the large clinics of Invisalign and orthodontic practices that are popping up around the country.  It brings to light America’s preoccupation with an attractive smile, which means straight, white teeth. Here at Gallery57Dental, we are not an orthodontic …

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Fluoride In Water Fights Tooth Decay #Gallery57Dental #h2o #water #smile

Water fluoridation in the water is one of the biggest public health achievements of our time. In fact the Center For Disease Control proclaims it’s one of the top 10 health achievements of the 20th century, helping prevent cavities and tooth loss in both children and adults. Decades of studies and the experience of tens …

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