We all want “Perfect Teeth” #gallery57dental #invisalign #perfectteeth

Recently, New York Magazine did a feature on America’s obsession with perfect teeth. The article focuses on the large clinics of Invisalign and orthodontic practices that are popping up around the country.  It brings to light America’s preoccupation with an attractive smile, which means straight, white teeth.

Here at Gallery57Dental, we are not an orthodontic office, but we do offer Invisalign for those patients that are candidates. Our office specializes in creating gorgeous smiles, and restorative smiles in one visit.

  • In a single visit we can transform an aging smile
  • We can whiten teeth, or add veneers in a single visit

Below is an example of a transformation of a smile in a single visit. We added veneers to the bottom teeth, corrected some misalignment and restored worn edges and cracks that had accumulated over time.


same day case

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