Manual Or Sonic Toothbrush? #Gallery57Dental #battleofthebrushes

Which does a better job cleaning your teeth, a sonic toothbrush or manual one? The truth is most dentists believe if used properly both can equally do what needs to be done. That is as long as you brush your teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes. Unfortunately research has shown that 90% of us don’t reach every tooth or brush long enough. That is why most dentists prefer sonic toothbrushes, which are designed to do a thorough job and have been shown to result in less plaque and fewer bouts of gingivitis.

How powerful are sonic toothbrushes? When you brush by hand you make about 300 strokes per minute, while sonic brushes make 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute. That’s covering a lot of ground in less time!

Sonic toothbrushes are an especially good choice for:

-People with arthritis or anyone who has problems using their hands. All they have to do is hold the brush, which does the work for them.
-For kids who have limited patience, it’s a helpful tool to reach every nook and cranny effectively. You may consider downloading Brush DJ, a fun, free app that plays 2 minutes of music to make sure they brush long enough.

In the end, it’s all about good technique. Whether you choose a manual, electric or sonic toothbrush, have your hygienist show you the proper way to brush.

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