Protecting your smile during the sunny summer months

istock 479237900 At Gallery 57 Dental in New York, NY, we know how exciting summer can be. Spending long days in the sunlight by the pool is a common pastime for anyone who enjoys soaking up the sun’s rays. However, with the increase in skin cancer development in patients of all ages, it is more important than ever to ensure we take care of our skin with sunblock—as well as our lips. The lips have less melanin than other parts of the body, and due to their angle and position on the face, the lower lip is susceptible to sunburn. Our team can provide some recommendations to avoid burning the lips and protecting them from sun exposure instead.

Below are a few tips for protecting your lips during the sunny summer months:

  •  Avoid direct sunlight. The sun is most intense during the middle part of the day, around 10am to 3pm.
  • Wear proper accessories. Wearing UV sunglasses and a UV hat can significantly reduce the risk of burning the face or lips.
  • Use an SPF lip balm. Lip balms are available with SPF protection, so consider using one with a 30+ rating. It needs to be applied frequently, so be diligent and remembering application of this and sunscreen when spending extended periods of time out in the sunlight.

What to do about burnt lips

If you forgot your lip balm and you are experiencing the aftereffects of spending time in the sun, here are a few tips for managing sunburn on the lips:

  • Avoid additional sun exposure
  • Utilize aloe vera to soothe the lips
  • Utilize a cold compress to cool the heat sensation
  • Keep the lips moisturized while the lips are healing
  • Use anti-inflammatory over-the-counter meds to reduce discomfort

If you are unable to find relief with these methods or have a more serious burn that needs medical attention, please visit your doctor for further instructions.

Are you interested in other ways to protect your smile?

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