The Story Of 4-Crowns And A Smile

By: Dr. Rebecca Koenigsberg

Our patient was so frustrated that her front teeth had cavities. She had tried to have them fixed but they kept failing. She also didn’t love the way her front teeth looked. We decided to do four crowns on her front four teeth, which would take care of all the decay. It would also give her a long term solution to stabilize the area and look beautiful.



img 3193

Her teeth were discolored. The black cavities showed through and the patient really wanted to not deal with the decay any longer.


Our Lab: Same Day Ceramics

this is our lab

Having a lab in my office is everything. They can pop in to shade match and adjust chairside in the patient’s mouth. I love not having to make temporaries or schedule second visits for my patients.


img 3192

My favorite part of this process is my patient’s smile when they see the mirror at the end of the visit. Our patient got to leave with a happy healthy smile. She will not have to worry about those old cavities anymore.

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