Why should I choose a dentist offering laser dentistry?

Dentist starting teeth whitening procedure with young man At Gallery 57 Dental of New York, NY, our patients have the ability to ask our professionals about the many ways in which we can address issues within the smile. For example, we know that many individuals are uneasy about visiting the dentist due to pain and injections. Fortunately, by integrating laser dentistry into our practice, we can offer a comfortable and pain-free solution! We now offer laser dentistry by integrating the Solea dental laser system into our practice.

What is the Solea dental laser system?

The Solea dental laser is a next-generation, all-tissue laser that delivers unprecedented speed, precision, and comfort for dentists and patients alike. With its ability to easily cut through both hard and soft tissue, the Solea dental laser offers a versatile solution for a wide variety of dental procedures.

What is the Solea laser treatment used for?

The Solea dental laser can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently, from simple fillings and bonding to more complex crowns and implants. Best of all, because the Solea laser uses invisible near-infrared light to gently heat tissue without damage or trauma, patients can experience little to no discomfort during treatment.

Below are just some of the ways in which our dentists use Solea:

  • Treating periodontal disease
  • Addressing canker sores
  • Treating areas of decay
  • Restoring the natural teeth
  • Helping those anxious about needles
  • Contouring the gum tissues

Can my dental issue be addressed with the Solea laser?

During an evaluation, we can determine if your upcoming treatment can be performed using the laser. This will vary greatly depending on several different factors that will need to be considered by our team.

Call Gallery 57 Dental today to learn more about our laser dentistry services!

Whether you are looking for a more efficient way to undergo necessary dental procedures or simply want to have a more comfortable experience in the dentist’s chair, working with a professional who offers the Solea dental laser system is the perfect solution to your dental anxiety! Our dentists at Gallery 57 Dental in New York, NY, can educate you on the many ways in which this device can address imperfections and issues within the smile.

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