Sports Drinks Cause Tooth Decay #Gallery57Dental

Sports drinks refresh and replenish. Unfortunately they can also damage your teeth!

Jon Salisbury played soccer for years but the most unexpected injury this 25-year old incurred was two roots canals. Guzzling too many sports drinks was the culprit, reports CBS Seattle.

“On any given day I’d drink at least half a gallon of Gatorade to prepare, if not more,” admits Jon.

WebMd warns that the sugar and acidity in energy and sports drinks damage tooth enamel and boost the risk of cavities. The risk is increased with high frequency and volume.

If sports drinks are essential to your training, either use less acidic flavors or dilute them and rinse with water after use. Do not brush your teeth immediately after consuming the sports drink, as the enamel is softest right after exposure. The mouth takes about 30 minutes to bring the pH back to normal so wait an hour before brushing.

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