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Yes, mouthwash helps undo the garlic pizza you’ve had for lunch, but it can also do much more. Regular rinsing is beneficial to your dental health, providing additional protection against cavities and gum disease, reports The Wall Street Journal.

– It reduces tooth plaque and helps neutralize the acidity of the mouth to lessen the decay process.
– It helps hydrate individuals who suffer from dry mouth and soothes canker sores.
– Fluoride and xylitol mouthwashes aid in cavity prevention.

Which mouthwash is the best? Check the label and make sure you are using a therapeutic brand that doesn’t only keep your breath smelling fresh. An important ingredient to look for is xylitol, which helps restore the mouth to a neutral level of acidity. Some dentists recommend alcohol-free mouthwashes, to avoid drying out the mouth and causing worse breath.Currently 128 mouthwashes have the ADA seal of approval.

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