Post Workout Tooth Friendly Snacks

After a hard workout, it’s tempting to binge on snacks that can undo all the time and effort you’ve spent burning calories and defining your body. Satisfy post-workout hunger with nutritious snacks that will help replenish your energy and rebuild muscles.

Dr. Andrew Koenigsberg, on Floss Talk, discussed the do’s and don’ts of snacking before and after a workout with Sharon Richter a registered dietician. Here’s an excerpt:

“Lots of sports drinks have sugar but they are also acidic. – they are lemon lime flavored. We know acid is not good for your teeth. Something like nuts is terrific to have or nut butter….Just put a spoon of peanut nut butter on celery. This way you don’t add carbohydrates that are going to turn into sugar. You are giving your body protein and healthy fats that are going to be satisfying.”

Watch our other Floss Talk segments on nutrition and dental health that include discussions on vegetarian diets, acidity in food and snacking and oral health .



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