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The more you brush, the healthier your teeth will be? Not necessarily. Brushing your teeth too often can be too much of a good thing, causing sensitive teeth and receding gums. According to the Wall Street Journal, dentists estimate that between 10-20 percent of the population have damaged their teeth or gums as a result of overbrushing.

Dental experts suggest you brush twice a day, in the morning after breakfast and at night before going to sleep.

– Each session should last about 2-3 minutes.

– Avoid using medium or hard bristled toothbrushes, which increases the risk of dental abrasion.

– There is no need to brush vigorously, which can wear down enamel. Plaque is soft and easy to remove.

– In cases of severe dental abrasion, ask your dentist about filling in the grooves with bonding material.

What’s important is using the proper technique and being thorough. Learn from the pros, your hygienist is happy to show you how to keep your pearly whites in tip-top shape. Watch this video for some tips.

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