My Philips DreamStation CPAP Has Been Recalled! What Now?

By: Dr. Robert C. Rawdin


Philips Corp. recalled 3-4 MILLION breathing devices (CPAP’s and ventilators), telling people to immediately discontinue use, causing a shortage of devices. The safety recall occurred because it was found that one of its foam parts could degrade and become toxic, potentially causing cancer. If you’ve using a Philips DreamStation CPAP, what are your options?

Oral Appliances Are An Excellent Alternative To CPAPS

The first option is to find an alternative CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) by a different manufacturer. With the sudden increased demand, there is a shortage of CPAPs and it may not be possible to get a CPAP for some time. An alternative to CPAP , for many patients, is an oral appliance which can often be made in a couple of weeks.

Oral appliances for sleep apnea are custom-made appliances that keep your lower jaw protruded in order to keep your airway open while you sleep. Specially trained dentists can make these oral appliances for you.  Done properly, these devices are at least 85% effective. When you can’t use a CPAP, this may be an excellent alternative. For patients diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, it should be considered a primary solution (talk with a sleep medicine specialist to see what they recommend).

The compliance with these devices is considerably higher than with CPAP. They are non-invasive, easy to maintain, and you can easily travel with an oral appliance (compared to a CPAP machine). It is a known fact that approximately 50% of patients prescribed CPAP do not use it correctly or fail to keep it on for a full night’s sleep.

Sleep Apnea Should Not Be Left Untreated!

Sleep apnea is a serious condition if left untreated. Individuals that are not yet treated or those who can’t use their CPAP are at a greater risk of getting very sick or dying if they contract COVID. The idea of just waiting for a new replacement CPAP, at this time, is playing Russian roulette. Treatment with an oral device is way better than no treatment. Many people also find this is also a lifestyle improvement. The effectiveness of an oral appliance can easily be tested. A home sleep test, with the device in your mouth, will show results of effectiveness.

If you have a Philips DreamStation CPAP, talk to your doctor immediately. Here is a reference regarding the recall.  If you want more information regarding oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea, contact Dr.Robert Rawdin at Gallery 57 Dental 212.246.8700.

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