“Kissing While Wearing Invisalign Trays?” (and 6 Other Top Orthodontic Questions)

I would say most of my Invisalign patients are relapsed patients who have had braces in the past, but they but never wore their retainer and the teeth shifted back.Their ages range from teens to 70’s. All of them have the same traumatic memories of wire braces, brackets and food getting trapped in embarrassing situations!

I completely understand the hesitation to jump back in to the orthodontic boat and would love to address some common patient questions I get from people considering Invisalign treatment:

Can I wear them out on dates?

Yes! I would suggest taking out the trays before your date gets there and putting them back in after the meal (of course after you’ve brushed and flossed or rinsed out well and chewed some sugar free gum).

Will Invisalign trays show in selfies?

Shockingly not! While it’s nice when you have the control to sort through and choose the photos that will be publically posted of you, this is not always an option! Patients of mine have found that overall their Invisalign trays do not show up in photos. If you have a big event and are feeling nervous you can take them out for photos, but of course try to limit the time with the trays out.

Can I kiss someone wearing Invisalign trays?

The consensus is yes! No one notices. The feed back I got form patients dating or in new relationships it wasn’t an issue. I found patients would take them out in the beginig of treatment but by the end were more secure that no one would notice.

Will Invisalign trays affect my speech?

It may! But usually just for the first day or two. Sometimes not at all! Occasionally patients will lisp every now and then throughout treatment though this is uncommon.

My job requires public speaking, can I wear Invisalign trays at work?

Yes! I found that patients may take out their trays for high pressure large public speaking situations but less so as they progress through their Invisalign. Some patients will  leave them in at work in general but take them out for big high pressure meetings.

I feel self-conscience about my appearance and will wearing Invisalign make it all worse?

The feedback  I have received from patients is that they tend to start feeling better about themselves a couple weeks into Invisalign! Most patients tend to lose some weight as snacking and drinking become a bit more of a shlep. My patients hygiene tends to improve too with the added brushing and flossing.

So tell me doc, what’s the deal with Invisalign what are the cons?

Of course there are and I like to be quite clear. Invisalign only works for a compliant patient. You need to wear them 22 hours a day for them to work predictably.  They need to come out at meals. You will inevitably have to remove them in public at times. You need to brush and floss 3-4 times a day! Hygiene is super important so you don’t damage your gums and teeth.

The attachments seem to be the main dread of patients! They are tooth colored composite that is placed on the teeth for the duration of treatment and removed at the end.  They can be pretty spiky and large. They tend to dull with time. I find as freaked out as any patient is, I always offer to remove them  after a week or two if they still bother you and no one ever comes back. Meaning you get used to them and no one notices them.

The long and short is, I love doing Invisalign because I believe it leaves my patients feeling good and sets them up for success. It can decrease chances of gum disease, calculus build up, staining, uneven wear (which can be ugly and hard to fix)and it’s relativity non invasive and I find patients LOVE It.

Do you have any questions I didn’t get to?

Please let me know and I’d be happy to answer.

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