How Can My Dentist Help with Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Image New York, NY patients may think they’re getting a good night’s sleep. However, if they are in bed for many hours and still wake up tired, there may be more going on. They may have a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea.

Understanding obstructive sleep apnea (or OSA)

OSA is a condition that is caused by blockages in the airways while a patient sleeps. This blockage is sometimes caused by sagging soft tissues or the tongue falling into the back of the throat. When this happens, the throat is blocked, and the patient is unable to breathe. They wake up and fall back asleep, starting the cycle over again. This cycle may occur hundreds of times in one night. It often keeps patients from reaching the deep, restorative sleep they need to feel well-rested for the next day. This ongoing cycle of fatigue can greatly impact a patient’s quality of life.

How can the dentists at Gallery 57 Dental help patients with obstructive sleep apnea?

Though obstructive sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder, many dentists have experience with sleep medicine and can help patients with their symptoms. A dentist can help by prescription an oral appliance that will maintain open airways while patients sleep. These custom mouth guards are worn at night while a patient sleeps. While many patients are advised to use a CPAP machine by their primary care physician when their condition has been diagnosed, many find this device to be cumbersome and uncomfortable. With the use of an oral appliance, patients are comfortable while treating their condition and getting a great night’s sleep every night!

How are oral appliances made?

After a clinical evaluation, the dentist will start the process of creating the oral appliance. These specialized devices are customized for a patient as they are created using impressions of the patient’s teeth. These molds are sent to a dental lab where the appliance is fabricated, and patients return to the dental office to obtain their appliance when it is completed.

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