6 Myths About Pregnancy And Dental Health

By: Dr. Samantha Rawdin

If you follow Gallery57Dental on social media, then I guess the cat’s out of the bag… I’m pregnant! And since there are actually quite a few ways in which pregnancy can affect oral health, I’m here to debunk what’s fact and what’s fiction.

1.You shouldn’t see your dentist when you’re pregnant.

FICTION! It’s super important to see your dentist when you’re pregnant for several reasons. When you’re pregnant, changes in hormones can put you at an increased risk for decay, gum disease, which is called “pregnancy gingivitis,” and growths on the gums called pyogenic granulomas or “pregnancy tumors”.  The best way to avoid these conditions is with diligent home care and to keep up with your cleanings at the dentist.

If you do develop a pregnancy tumor, our Solea Laser is amazing for removing these with no anesthesia needed!

2. My oral health won’t affect my baby.

FICTION. Pregnant women with moderate to severe gum disease are at an increased risk for delivering their baby pre-term with a low birth rate.

3. I can have my teeth cleaned during pregnancy.

FACT. Dental cleanings are perfectly safe during pregnancy and highly encouraged because of the increased risk of gum disease. Plus, chances are you’ll be pretty busy after the baby is born so it’s best to have the cleaning done ahead of time!

4. Morning sickness can cause long term damage to the teeth.

FACT. Not so much the nausea part, but if you are suffering from vomiting due to morning sickness the acid from your stomach can cause irreversible erosion of your enamel. Talk to your obstetrician about ways to deal with nausea, but be sure to NOT brush immediately after throwing up. Rinse your mouth out with water and wait at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth so that you’re not scrubbing them with an abrasive material (your toothpaste!) while the pH of your saliva is still very low.

5. X-rays aren’t safe while pregnant.

FICTION. According to the American Dental Association, X-rays are now considered safe during pregnancy and are vital in diagnosing underlying issues. However, you should still make sure that a lead apron is used!

6. Anesthesia isn’t safe during pregnancy.

FICTION, but kind of. During the second and third trimesters, anesthesia is totally safe and should be used for necessary procedures. However, there are some studies that have shown a relationship between anesthesia in the first trimester and early miscarriage. So, if there’s dental work that needs to be completed, talk to your dentist about pushing it to the second trimester.

As always, if you have any questions about dental treatment during pregnancy, let us know! Leave a comment below or send us a message. 

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