A New Smile for the New Year

Teeth Whitening | New York, NY Your resolutions may include learning a new language, taking better care of your health, or improving your confidence by taking care of issues that have bothered you for years. No matter what you want to work on, trying to make some improvements in life is a great goal. And if you’re thinking of improving your smile, we think that whitening your teeth is a great way to kickstart an amazing new year.

Why should I whiten my teeth?

You may have been thinking of teeth whitening for years. So, why not take the plunge and see what life is like on the bright side? So many of us worry about our teeth and how dull or yellow they have become. Whether you drink coffee or red wine, or don’t, you may still find your teeth aren’t as bright as you would like them to be.

Did you know that it could be more than stains affecting your smile? As we age, the enamel on our teeth becomes thinner. This thinning then starts to expose the layer underneath, which is more yellow and called dentin. Dentin grows darker as we age, too, which is why you may notice your teeth becoming darker.

Aren’t the whitening strips at the grocery store good enough?

The whitening strips that you can pick up at the grocery store are fine in a pinch, but they may not give you the results you want. The strips may not fully cover your teeth, leaving you with some white teeth, and some dark teeth. Also, grocery stores aren’t licensed to distribute certain strengths of active ingredients, which may lead to lackluster results.

What do you offer?

We offer the best teeth whitening system that you can utilize either in the office or at home. If you have natural front teeth (not veneers), then you can benefit from either whitening system. You choose which works best for you. Either way, you’ll be getting a whiter, brighter smile for the new year!

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