6 -Tooth Whitening Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right Now!

By: Dr. Rebecca Koenigsberg

Whitening teeth has never been easier and safer.   While brushing and flossing is essential for your tooth’s overall health, whitening products can give you the whiter brighter smile you’ve always wanted.

With so many whitening products and treatments on the market, it can be difficult to sort through all your options. To help you cut through the noise, we gathered the most common teeth whitening myths you should immediately stop believing in. Let’s separate the fact from the fiction!

1. Tooth whitening harms the enamel

Rest assured, the tooth whitening process doesn’t harm enamel. While some patients may develop temporary sensitivity, there is no permanent change to the tooth structure.

2. Sensitive teeth shouldn’t be whitened

You can still whiten your teeth even if they are sensitive.  In fact, at-home kits with low sensitivity formulas are available. There are also desensitizers that can be applied before and during whitening.

3. Baking soda works better than tooth whiteners

Baking soda is used for everything from getting stains out of fabrics to smells out of upholstery and of course baking cakes. While baking soda is mildly abrasive and will remove some external stains from teeth, it will not change the actual color of the tooth.

4. Active charcoal is the newest- best way to whiten teeth

There is no scientific data backing up the effectiveness of charcoal as a tooth whitener. We suggest you stick to scientifically proven methods.

5. Strawberries and lemons whiten teeth

In fact, the acid in strawberries and lemon can damage your tooth’s enamel. This often leads to increased sensitivity and permanent damage to your teeth.

6. Teeth whitening lasts forever

“Once you whiten, you’ll never have to whiten again,” is another tooth whitening myth. How fast do teeth lose their luster? It depends on how often you consume heavily staining and acidic foods like coffee, wine and soda. The good news is that it is unlikely that your teeth will revert to their original color.

To keep things white and bright, use whitener twice a year for a day or two after professional cleaning. Try to drink stain causing liquids like iced cappuccino through a straw.

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