Why Our Millennial Patients Are Crazy About Solea Laser

I have been using the Solea Laser for four years now. I love it and so do my patients. I use it daily and my patients leave thrilled. Even the most anxious patient gets excited after treatment, amazed that it did not hurt at all. Patients love that they can leave the office not feeling numb and go on with their day as normal.

The Importance Of Staying Current With Dental Technology

Modern high-end dental offices look very different than they did 10 years ago. Things are changing fast. Patients are educated and have unlimited access to all kinds of information. They appreciate the technology we have in our office and are coming to expect it from their providers.

Convenience And Comfort Of No-Shot No-Drill Laser Dentistry

My Midtown Manhattan patients are always short on time! They love how quick, easy and painless these procedures are. It’s no fun leaving the dentist numb, having to take time off work then waiting for the numbness to wear off and not being able to eat for hours on end.

At my office I use the Solea Laser, which numbs the tooth as I use the laser. Normally we prefer not to numb multiple areas of the mouth, so we only work in one part of the mouth. Since there is no shot with Solea, I can complete fillings in different areas on the same visit. Not only is the shot avoided but additional trips and possible time off from work are also saved. What used to be complicated procedures become simple. I have one patient with a gum growth from her pregnancy and I can remove it using the Solea without numbing or doing any invasive procedures.

Millennials Embrace New Technology

In my experience, I find the Millennial generation to be less dental-phobic than previous generations. This may be because of fluoride in the water, which results in less tooth decay. Millennials are also comfortable around technology and understand the value of and efficiency of this modern, new way of treating patients. They are excited about what laser can do for them and don’t find it intimidating. In fact it’s the least intrusive, quickest, most precise and comfortable treatment right now for dentists and doctors.

In my practice I incorporate technology and like to stay current. Especially when I feel it adds to my patient’s experience and provides a better service.

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