Why are dental cleanings important?

Dental Cleaning | Gallery 57 Dental | New York, NY At Gallery 57 Dental, our team of dentists believes in providing the best possible care to patients in the area of New York, NY. Our dentists provide a wide range of solutions for our patients depending on their needs. The office is pleased to offer general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. However, at the forefront of dentistry is the dental cleaning.

What is a dental cleaning?

While patients brush and floss their teeth after every meal, there are areas where plaque may accumulate, especially if the patient is not thorough in maintaining their oral health. Even the most adamant patient may still miss areas of the smile that are hard to reach or overlooked. When patients come to the dental office for a dental cleaning, our dental hygienists will use some of our professional tools to properly clean all surfaces of the teeth and gums. During this time, our staff will also evaluate the smile to determine if there are any areas of concern to bring to the dentist’s attention. A dental cleaning can remove plaque, tartar, and calculus from the teeth and give patients a fresh feeling!

What are dental cleanings important?

Not only do dental cleanings remove elements on the teeth and gums that patients cannot do with brushing and flossing alone, but it is also a great opportunity for patients to have a thorough evaluation performed by our team. By monitoring one’s oral health, our dental team can reduce the risk of patients developing periodontal disease and tooth decay. When problems are spotted earlier, they are often easier and less expensive to treat. Untreated disease and decay can become a much bigger problem and can cause irreversible damage if left alone. With dental cleanings, patients can have an evaluation completed and maintain a healthier smile that will last a lifetime with routine care.

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