What to think about when considering porcelain veneers

istock 936967024 Even when a smile is healthy, it may have imperfections. This might include broken, chipped, or permanently stained teeth. This is when the team at Gallery 57 Dental encourage patients to ask about the benefits of undergoing cosmetic dentistry. One popular option is the fabrication and the placement of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are facings that are custom-created and bonded onto the front of a tooth to disguise common problems. This can be an affordable and effective way of improving the smile’s appearance in a natural, minimally-invasive manner. If you are wondering about veneers, consider these questions:

Will the porcelain veneer effectively solve the imperfection?

There are many imperfections that may impact the natural teeth, including staining, chipping, cracks, and misalignment. If these issues can be resolved using porcelain veneers, then the solution might be a wise choice for a patient.

What other options are available?

Veneers are not the only way to fix certain imperfections. Individuals with staining might improve their smile with teeth bleaching, or materials such as composite resin can be used to achieve the same results. The team at Gallery 57 Dental will advise patients as to all their options to help them make an educated decision on the treatment they choose.

Is a porcelain veneer treatment convenient?

Patients considering porcelain veneers need to know that it requires more than one visit. This may put a patient at a disadvantage if they are looking for a same-day fix. During a consultation appointment, our team will advise patients if other solutions can help.

Is my smile healthy?

Before considering cosmetic dental work, patients should first address any existing problems that impact their oral health, such as decay and disease. Once these issues have been addressed and fixed, then cosmetic treatments can be considered.

Ask our team at Gallery 57 Dental if porcelain veneers can help you enhance your smile!

If your smile has imperfections that impact the appearance, it may be time to consider the advantages that custom porcelain veneers can offer. Our team at Gallery 57 Dental can ensure proper treatment and educate patients on the benefits of cosmetic dentistry options available at the office. Call 212.246.8700 to request an appointment at our facility in Suite 701 at 24 West 57th Street.

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