What Should I Expect During a Cleaning?

General Dentistry New York N.Y. If you’ve recently moved to a new town, then you know that you need to do a few things: identify the nearest hospital in case an emergency happens, find a great babysitter who loves your kids, and find a few restaurants that can feed you when you’re too lazy to cook.

But, have you remembered to find a great new dentist? When we move, finding a new dentist is often lower on the to-do list. This is true unless you’re experiencing an issue, and then it goes straight to the top! Avoid the stress of having to find a new dentist before you experience a dental issue, and come in for a cleaning today. Keep reading to learn all about what to expect during a dental cleaning.

Before the Cleaning

You might be asked to take x-rays, so your dentist can see what is going on at the root of each tooth. You may be asked to walk into another room, or x-rays may be taken as you sit in the examination chair. Often, a weighted blanket is placed over your chest to keep x-rays where they should be. A quick beep or two, and then we’re allowed to see your whole mouth!

Your hygienist  may also perform an oral cancer check, and examine you gums for health issues before your cleaning.

The Cleaning

Your hygienist may perform a quick oral cancer check while they examine your gums for signs of disease. They might also ask you about any sensitivity you’ve been experiencing, so they can avoid causing you unnecessary discomfort.

The cleaning consists of tartar removal, and your hygienist may use electric tools or handheld tools. If the sounds from the electric tools bother you, let us know and we can accommodate you.

After the tartar and plaque is removed from your teeth, the hygienist will floss each tooth to make sure there is no residual tartar left behind. Let us know if you feel any sharp edges, and we can go back to make sure your teeth are spotlessly clean. After the deep cleaning, a quick polish will help your teeth look shiny and bright.

After the Cleaning

Immediately afterwards, your dentist will come in and perform an exam. It may go quickly if you don’t have any issues. If you do need a cavity filled or need other dental assistance, your dentist will discuss your options with you.

For the rest of the day, you may feel a little discomfort around your gums. It may last a few days if you had a large amount of tartar to remove, but it is normal to be a little more “aware” of your mouth right after a cleaning.

If you are overdue for a cleaning, or are looking for a new dentist, call us today! Dial 212.246.8700 to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists today.

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