The best options for replacing missing teeth

missing tooth Most adult patients in the United States have approximately 32 teeth in their mouth. However, due to certain circumstances and preparatory situations, such as preparing an overcrowded mouth for orthodontics, teeth may have been lost or extracted over time. Tooth loss can happen at any time due to a variety of problems, but restorative solutions are available with the team at Gallery 57 Dental in New York, NY.

The best tooth replacement solutions

There are a wide range of ways for patients to achieve a beautiful smile even after tooth loss or extraction occurs. Below are five of the more common solutions our patients at Gallery 57 Dental choose:

  • Partial dentures – one or several teeth lost in the dental arch can benefit from a partial denture. This is a metal and acrylic oral appliance that uses the existing teeth to support the restoration. The spaces are filled with false teeth connected to the denture, and ensures the smile is restored in both appearance and function with an economical and removable solution.
  • Complete dentures – complete dentures, or “full dentures,” are restorations used by adults to replace all the teeth in the dental arch. These dentures are made of high quality acrylics and include false teeth and gums. They are held in place with natural suction or with the use of denture adhesives.
  • Implant-retained dentures – another option for those who are missing all their teeth is the implant-supported denture. This is a full denture that is supported by four dental implants placed along the dental arch. This ensures proper fit and function, and eliminates the need for denture adhesives. This option allows patients to enjoy all their favorite foods and avoid ill-fitted restorations that can cause sores and discomfort.
  • Dental bridges – another option is the dental bridge. One or more teeth in a row within the dental arch can be replaced using this method. The bridge is more permanent than a partial denture and includes false teeth bonded directly to dental crowns. Adjacent teeth are used to anchor the bridge in place.
  • Dental implants – the best solution for single teeth is that of the dental implant. This titanium post is placed by the dentist into the jaw bone and restored with a dental crown. Dental implants may also be used for anchoring one or both sides of a dental bridge, or stabilizing dentures.

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