Sipping Red Wine Helps Prevent Cavities #Gallery57Dental #Cheers

Let’s raise a glass of red wine and drink to our health!

Did you know that drinking red wine might help prevent dental cavities? We already know that red vino strengthens your heart, lowers your cholesterol and boosts your brain. But Medical News Today reports it may also be effective in combatting bacteria that leads to tooth decay.

Here’s a list of toasts in case you are travelling:

Jewish – “L’Chaim”
French – “A votre sante!”
Italian – ” Salute!”
Japanese – “Kanpai!”
Russian – “Za vashe zdorovye!”
Irish – “Slainte!”
Swedish – “Skal!”
Zulu (Africa) – “Ooogy Wawa!”
India – “Tulleeho!”

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