Preventing Gagging During A Dental Visit

Gagging during a dental visit is quite common reports Huffington Post.  According to a new study about half of people have gagged at least once while being treated. And it is no surprise that the more problems people have with gagging, the more likely they are to report dental care related fears.


Researchers recruited 478 people for a study to find out how often people gag during a dental visit and how it affects their fears of being treated. They found that the trigger for gagging seemed to play a role in how likely someone was to be afraid of the dentist.


For instance a bitewing for an x-ray inserted into a patient’s mouth might stimulate a gag reflex, creating a phobia about visiting the dentist. Gallery 57 Dental uses an extra-oral sensor so that nothing need go inside the mouth during the taking of x-rays.

Another common trigger of gagging is impression material. Gallery 57 Dental’s optical scanner allows a “virtual impression” to be taken with a camera so that no trays or materials are placed in the mouth.


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