New Desensitizing Treatment at Gallery57Dental

Sensitive Teeth- Many people occasionally experience tooth sensitivity, especially to cold. Ideally, the only part of the tooth exposed to the environment is covered in enamel which has no nerve endings. Unfortunately, most of us have some dentin exposed and dentin can be sensitive. Dentin becomes exposed due to wear of enamel, recession of the gum, fillings and a few other causes. The good news is that sensitivity rarely indicates a cavity and is often transient. Keeping the area plaque free with a soft toothbrush and a desensitizing toothpaste such as ProEnamel often solves the problem. If sensitivity persists, the dentist or hygienist can coat the tooth with a barrier. G57D had added a new product, TEETHMATE DESENSITIZER by Kuraray, which has been very successful in Japan, to our arsenal. The active ingredient is calcium phosphate which we have used for years but it is in a new, more active carrier. It takes just seconds to apply and often provides immediate relief.

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