How ignoring a broken tooth can impact your oral health

Young man holding a strawberry and smiling While the teeth are strong and designed to last a lifetime, sometimes life and accidents get in the way! An injury or trauma to a tooth can result in a variety of issues that patients might not realize, especially if they avoid the problem at hand. Signs of a cracked or broken tooth can be spotted by an experienced dental provider. The dentists of Gallery 57 Dental in New York, NY will advise patients if they have a problematic tooth and make appropriate recommendations based on the patient’s specific situation. A chipped, cracked, or worn tooth requires immediate treatment.

Why do the teeth break?

Enamel is strong, but trauma to the smile can cause chipping or cracking of this durable material. When this happens, it can leave a crack in the tooth that might allow bacteria to enter inside, resulting in an infection. Additionally, it can cause old fillings or restorations to become loose or lost. Any trauma to the tooth, including a blow to the mouth, clenching of the teeth, or grinding can wear and break teeth and require a resolution.

How is a broken tooth fixed?

The team at Gallery 57 Dental will evaluate the patient’s unique situation to determine the cause of the issue, and then discuss the best possible solution. The severity of the breakage, the depth, and the tooth that has been impacted will require different treatments. Some of the more popular treatments used for cracked or broken teeth include:

  • Composite resin bonding
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental crowns
  • Root canal surgery

If the tooth is broken beyond repair, patients may be best suited to have their tooth permanently extracted. This is a last-ditch solution if there is no other alternative to save the tooth from removal.

Call Gallery 57 Dental to learn more about repairing a broken tooth

If you have been told by a dental professional that you have a cracked or broken tooth, it is important that you seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid other risks and complications. Call the team at Gallery 57 Dental to learn more about treatment in the New York area. The office is located at 24 West 57th Street, Suite #701 and can be reached for an appointment by calling (212) 246-8700.

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