How drinking soda impacts your smile

istock 184404240 On a hot day, a glass of iced soda may sound refreshing. But wait! Don’t reach for the soda until you learn more about how it can negatively impact your smile! At Gallery 57 Dental, we want to educate patients on the dangers of drinking soda and how it can cause problems with the smile, including damage to the teeth and gums. Below are just a few of the main ways in which drinking soda can impact one’s oral health:

  • Weakening of tooth enamel. Soda contain acids and sugars that can erode natural tooth enamel. Phosphoric acid, an acid found in sodas, is also found in metal polish. This shows how powerful this chemical can be, especially on the teeth!
  • Staining. Discoloration of the teeth can happen with sodas, which can lead patients to consider professional teeth whitening options. This can be avoided entirely by avoiding sodas, or using a straw to consume them and reduce yellowing of the teeth.
  • Sensitivity. Patients who drink sodas regularly will find that their teeth are much more sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. This is due to the erosion of the natural enamel, making it thinner and more susceptible to discomfort.
  • Increasing risk of cavities. As with anything that is full of acids and sugars, soda can significantly increase a patient’s chances of developing tooth decay. This is why it is so important to brush the teeth after enjoying these beverages to protect the smile.

Can’t quit soda?

The best solution is to stop consuming soda. However, reducing soda consumption can still be beneficial. If you do drink soda, avoid drinking more than one a day, and use a straw to drink it. When done, brush the teeth to remove acids and sugars and protect the smile.

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