How Do Dental Professionals Get Their Kids To Brush?

Have you ever met a kid who LIKES brushing his teeth? Not likely! Toothbrushing is not the most fun activity for children, but it is absolutely necessary for a healthy life. Unfortunately they are usually too young to understand the consequences of neglecting their teeth.

What’s at Stake?

Dr. Rebecca Koenigsberg & Her Son And Daughter

“Tooth decay is the number one chronic health problem of children. Tooth decay is 5 times more common than asthma, 4 times more common than childhood obesity and 20 times more common than childhood diabetes. It is almost entirely preventable! Children need their teeth to eat properly, talk, smile, and feel good about themselves.

By kindergarten, more than 40% of children in the U.S. have experienced tooth decay. Children need their parents to help brush their teeth they do not have the dexterity at a young age. Learn to help your children make good choices and develop healthy habits.

Meet our team of dental professionals, who happen to also be moms and dads. This is how they get it done:

Elle, Front Desk & Her Son

 “When my son was younger, I would tell him that brushing your teeth comes before playing video games!”

Liza, Dental Hygienist and Her Daughter

“To keep brushing fun and exciting, we brush Luciana’s (the doll in this picture ) teeth too….my daughter likes knowing that she and the doll both have healthy, clean teeth!”

Natalia, Dental Assistant & Her Daughter

“To make brushing more fun for my daughter, we buy toothbrushes with her favorite characters  and favorite colors.”

Julio, Lab Tech & His Son

“Add some rhythm to their two minutes of brushing. Play their favorite song and when the music stops, they’re done brushing their teeth!”

Elena, Dental Hygienist & Her Son

“My son has braces and tries to get out of flossing. So I told him to use your Waterpik instead.”

Jasmine, Dental Assistant, & Her Son

“Getting older kids to brush is not easy, the fun games that used to work are a thing of the past. Honesty is the best way to go. Tweens are rebellious, but they are also usually vain. Describing the long term consequences, like stained, ugly teeth and terrible breath will definitely get their attention.”

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