Brushing Your Teeth With The Right Hand #Gallery57Dental

Do right-handed or left-handed people do the best job brushing their teeth?

The National Center of Biotechnology (NCBI) reported on a study that showed right-handers were superior at the task. They had better oral hygiene and a lower incidence of caries because of better manual dexterity and brush efficiency.

Is this the final word on who is the superior toothbrusher? Not really. Another study found that lefties were the best and yet another claimed that righties neglected the right side of their mouth and lefties neglected their left side.

What does all this mean? There probably is no clear winner and we can all show some improvement in our skills. Some dentists recommend dividing the mouth into quadrants and equally cleaning each section thoroughly. Because no matter which hand is dominant, reducing cavities is the ultimate victory.

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