TMJ Treatment: How a Dentist Can Help

Beauty,Concept,Of,Young,Asian,Woman. If you’re living with TMJ pain, you may wonder how a dentist in NYC can help. Because they are facial anatomy experts, dentists understand the underlying causes and best treatment options for patients with temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction.

In many cases, dental issues such as improper alignment and jaw deformities can contribute to TMJ pain. Your dentist can perform a comprehensive oral health inspection to determine what the best course of treatment would be for your symptoms.

What Causes TMJ Pain?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your skull with your lower jawbone. You have one temporomandibular joint on each side of your head. These joints control everything you do with your mouth, including talking, biting, and chewing. When these joints do not function properly, patients experience pain.

Additionally, TMJ can impact the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves surrounding the TMJ. If your temporomandibular joints are not aligned properly, they can also cause numbness, vertigo, upper back pain, tinnitus, neck pain, headaches, and more.

How a Dentist Can Help Treat TMJ Pain

TMD can have different causes, so we never assume what works for one patient will work for another. During your first appointment, we examine your teeth and jaw and discuss what you may be experiencing.

We can create a plan for you with one or more of various therapies, including jaw exercises, warm and cool compresses, and oral appliance therapy to shift the jaw into a more comfortable position.

The goal is to address the underlying cause of your temporomandibular disorder so we can resolve the issue rather than just mask the symptoms. Our aim is to help patients find true, long-lasting relief.

TMJ Doesn’t Usually Go Away on Its Own

Although symptoms can come and go, treatment is typically required to provide long-term improvement. Left untreated, TMJ can worsen and cause continuous headaches, jaw pain, and discomfort that negatively affects your daily life.

At our practice, a skilled team of dentists is always available to help.

Where to Find TMJ Treatment in NYC

Visit us at Gallery 57 in Midtown West for personalized TMJ treatment. Our dedicated team of New York Smile Specialists is always happy to meet with new patients and help them find relief.

To find out more about TMJ treatment, speak with a dentist at Gallery 57 Dental. To arrange a consultation, please call 212-246-8700 or schedule online.

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