Why My Patients Love Solea Laser

I work in a midtown Manhattan dental office and have a lot of busy patients. Solea Laser allows me do in one visit, what could take many visits with a conventional drill. My patients truly appreciate being able to be treated quickly and painlessly in one visit. 

Dental phobic patients are not uncommon, their anxieties run deep and can date back to their early childhood. For these patients being able to avoid a drill puts them at ease, helping eliminate their fear of going to the dentist. 

Advanced dental technology

Lasers have been used in dentistry for decades, mostly for controlling bleeding and removing gum tissue when needed. Solea Laser stands out from the rest. It is the first laser that can painlessly cut through tooth and bone.  

One of its amazing side effects is that is numbs the tooth as you use it. What this all means is that it replaces a drill and virtually eliminates the need for anesthetics.

Less invasive and more precise procedures

The Solea Laser seals your blood vessels and nerve endings as it works. This results in a recovery that is basically instantaneous. This also means that your healing time is significantly reduced and you are less susceptible to infection. 

Whirring scary-sounding drills are a thing of the past. The laser is silent and vibration-free, which helps patients feel calmer and more at ease throughout the procedure.

The majority of patients who I’ve treated with Solea Laser have not undergone anesthesia and have reported no pain resulting from their dental procedures. This is huge! It means that as a dentist you could work on multiple parts of the patient’s mouth in one visit eliminating multiple visits and forcing the patient to endure needle injections and hours with a numb face.

A Game Changer

I feel fortunate to be practicing dentistry in 2018. When I look back 15 years almost everything has changed, including the materials that are now available and the technology we use. Thanks to companies like Convergent Dental, there are now endless options to help treat our patients quickly and painlessly.