Less is More
  • Less surgery and faster healing times
  • More accurate and safe implant placement using Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) and 3D CAD/CAM technology
  • Fewer appointments than traditional implant surgery
  • Higher aesthetics and long term success


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Less is More

Less Surgery, More Accurate Implant Placement

Minimally invasive dental implant placement is a revolutionary step forward in permanent teeth restoration. Often in two visits, patients who are missing teeth or frustrated with poor fitting dentures can walk out with precisely fitting, esthetic implants. 3D visualization of your jaw eliminates the guesswork. This means less surgery, faster healing, fewer dental visits and long term success.

Who is a good candidate?

  • Patients who are missing one or more teeth due to injury, disease or tooth decay
  • Those frustrated with loos or poor fitting partial or full dentures.
  • Patients with adequate gum and bone


What Our Patients Say

Mary K.

Verified patient / February 18, 2016

Was seamless, organized despite various procedures. Staff was always helpful and made me feel at ease throughout. Doctors as always fantastic!

Julie C.

Verified patient / March 3, 2016

I give my highest possible recommendation to Dr. Katz for my dental implant. Kudos to his professionalism, outstanding surgical abilities and his ability to calm my nerves! Thank you Dr. Katz and his assistant.

Marie F.

Verified patient / March 29, 2016

Excellent 5-star dentistry!

Maureen D.

verified patient / April 28, 2016

We all wish to be the person who gets the call that says "you've won!" for that positive life-changing moment that helps you fulfill your dreams. My day came when I became a patient at Gallery57. It was the day that my dream came through. The day I got the simple, but profound gift of a beautiful smile! What impressed me most was Dr. K's patience and understanding that moved them to get more than the extra mile to make my dream of a beautiful smile a reality!

Delong X.

Yelp / February 15, 2015

Definitely very patient and excellent service. My case was kinda tricky because I have the failure of implant from NYU dental and I was seeking help from Gallery 57. Doctor Andrew was very patient and kind. He made me feel that I was being taken care of from my dad. I quickly trusted him. He took a look and rinsed my mouth area. I think this office deserves the best reputation and respect from me. And this is a really beautiful location where you can see a lot of concrete jungle from the window. Love!