Top Foods That Hurt Your Teeth

General Dentistry New York N.Y. Whether you’re eating a salad or an order of french fries, chances are you’re marginally aware of how each one might affect your health. Because we’ve been so conditioned by advertising and fad diets, we think it’s pretty rare to look at food and not think about the health consequences of eating it. But why is it that we never stop to think about our teeth when we eat?

Did you know that what you choose to eat affects your teeth, just as it affects your overall health? That tired feeling you get after eating too much “junk food,” is similar to the feel of caramel stuck in your teeth, and it might be signaling that damage is being done at the same time.

Keep reading to learn about the worst foods you can eat when it comes to your dental health.

Hard Candy

Jawbreakers are called that for a reason. Hard candies not only risk chipped teeth, but they also contain plenty of sugar. Whether you’re sucking on a hard candy or biting it, you’re still exposing your teeth to a lot of sugar that can cause cavities over time. Consider switching out candy for healthier snacks like nuts and fresh fruit.


Looking to make water more exciting with a lemon wedge? While drinking more water is important for many of us, that little squeeze of lemon juice can add up over time. Citrus is a known destroyer of the enamel that coats teeth and protects them from damage and decay. While we’re not saying that you must cut it out completely, limiting your intake of citrus (and how long it sits on teeth) can help your dental health in the long run.


While some alcohols contain sugar, that’s not why these drinks make the list. Alcohol dehydrates you as you drink, which can also lead to dry mouth. Saliva helps protect your teeth, so when your mouth dries up then your risk of tooth decay or other infections rise.

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