I legitimately fear going to the dentist., but Gallery57 Dental is the absolute best. Besides it being located in a fantastic area of NYC (Midtown), from the moment you walk into the building (Security is always pleasant) to the receptionist, to the assistants and hygienists, to the doctors, (more to come on my dentist later) EVERYTHING is top notch and an absolute breeze. Everyone always seems to be smiling, and they make you feel incredibly comfortable. The work they perform is second to none, and it is guaranteed you will leave their smiling (with cleaner/straighter teeth obviously). Dr. Samantha Rawdin is the best of the best. I have known Dr. Sam personally for a number of years, and I always knew she was a fantastic person, and comes from a terrific family, but her professionalism and non-aggressive approach/demeanor makes a trip to the Dentist “not so bad”. I highly recommend Gallery57 Dental.

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