Sharon Osbourne’s Tooth Falls Out On Live TV!! #gallery57dental #sharonosbourne

Hey Sharon Osbourne! At Gallery 57 Dental, we guarantee our tooth implants are screwed on permanently. Unlike the one that fell out while you were on air last Tuesday! The 62-year-old was chatting on her TV show, “The Talk,” when she felt something pop off in her mouth.

“Oh sh*t”! My tooth is falling off!” she exclaimed, colorfully.” She explained that the tooth was an implant, and lamented that she’d spent a “bloody fortune on this f**king thing.” Sharon then asked to go to a break so she could carry out some emergency repairs. “What am I going to do? No seriously has anyone got any glue? We have to take an emergency tooth break.”

Always the professional, she found something sticky to keep it in place and went on with the show!

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