Milling crowns with Samantha, our lab technician

Talk about 10 Years Forward.. 10x faster!”

Our milling machine is one piece of our in-house lab that creates crowns in a single visit. How?  Once the Doctor has scanned the patients prepped teeth, the technicians get busy in designing the new crown and milling it. Next step, is for the doctor to try the crown in the mouth and make any needed adjustments. This is all while the crown is in its “purple” stage, since it hasn’t been crystallized to the proper shade of the patients tooth. After, we (technicians) receive the crown, add a little stain and glaze and let it bake in the oven for approximately 13 minutes. In the end, after its cooled and all done, it’s sent back out to the Doctor and placed properly into the patient’s mouth. Just don’t forget to smile !

Take a look at Gallery57Dental Facebook page to see our milling machine in action!

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