Dental Emergencies

In New York City, you have to be prepared for anything. At NY Smile Specialists @ Gallery57Dental, our dentists have seen just about everything. That’s why we have created an office that can handle dental emergencies in just a single visit (note: no second visits). If you’re in town for a wedding, on vacation, or have somewhere to be in a few hours, NY Smile Specialists @ Gallery57Dental can restore your mouth’s function in just a few hours. Here’s how:


State-of-the-Art Ceramic Lab & Technology:

We have a full-service ceramic lab and qualified ceramists on staff to respond to immediate dental needs. CEREC is a tool our dentists use to take digital imagery of your teeth. Those images are processed to create a 3D model of your tooth. This information is then sent to the ceramists and technicians in our in-office lab to commence work on your restoration right away.

The restorations are bonded to the tooth and not cemented. This means no temporaries are placed and there is no worry about coming back for a second visit for maintenance. The restorations are metal-free and have a natural look to them: your smile will look as natural as ever!

Experienced orthodontists and prosthodontists

We have orthodontists and prosthodontists who work at NY Smile Specialists @ Gallery57Dental during extended hours to accommodate your busy schedule. From veneers to crowns, restoration cases are handled by the some of most qualified dental professionals in New York City. This guarantee ensures when you come into the office for a restoration, you will only have to visit a single time.

Single V

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