Top 10 Terrifying Tooth Dreams: Uncovering the Hidden Meaning

By: Rosie Torres, R.D.H.

All of your teeth fall out. And then you wake up.

Has this ever happened to you? Frantically, you feel your face and teeth, rush to the nearest mirror with horror but then give a big sigh of relief when you see your reflection.So what toothifying dreams are you having? Are your teeth rotting? Are they cracking? Maybe they’re just floating around, dancing on your tongue. Are all of them falling out or just a few?

Having tooth dreams are related to feelings of insecurity, honesty, and overall well being. Read on for the top 10 scariest tooth dreams, what they mean and what they can predict about you!


The Dream: You dream about breaking one or more teeth or just seeing part of your tooth randomly missing. 

What it Means: You’re feeling insecure about your physical appearance. Right now your self-esteem is at a low  and your subconsciousness is telling you to stop comparing yourself to others. Maybe you’ve been scrolling too much on social media, looking at filtered photos or you can’t fit into your favorite jeans. Try to focus on your best features instead. Maybe try a new makeup look or get a haircut to boost your self-esteem.


The Dream: Your teeth are suddenly super fragile and start crumbling into tiny pieces that fall out of your mouth.

What it Means: You’re embarrassed about something particular going on in your life right now. Teeth are symbols of personal power, so if you are dreaming about your teeth falling apart, something is a threat to you. Maybe you recently experienced a situation in which you felt embarrassed or inferior at work or in your personal life. Remember, you are still awesome! Don’t let other peoples’ opinions or bad behavior get you down. 


The Dream: Your teeth are uncontrollably just floating over your gums and moving all around your mouth. This is one wild and crazy dream!

What it Means: You feel like your life is spiraling out of control at the moment. Take some time to get your thoughts organized. Perhaps there’s a particular problem that you’ve put on the backburner for a while and your subconscious is telling you that it needs your attention. Alternatively, these moving teeth dreams could be a sign that it’s time to consider braces or Invisalign to straighten out those migrant teeth! Or how about a set of retainers to keep those chompers in place?


The Dream: You smile big only to reveal a hideous set of dark, chipped, smelly teeth that have holes and green globs of plaque everywhere! Eek!

What it Means: a) You’re a dental hygienist. Kidding but not really. This is my most recurrent dream and it’s super scary. Whenever I have this dream, I immediately want dental x-rays and an exam to see if any of my teeth need attention.    b) There is something “rotten” going on in your life right now. Maybe there’s a particular friendship, significant other or a job that is not good for you at all. Rotten people and toxic environments are not good for you and it is time to eliminate the “rotten apple” in your life (and please go get a dental cleaning so I can sleep at night). 


The Dream: Here’s another one of the scariest teeth dreams to have. Maybe one tooth or multiple teeth are being pulled out for no reason and you feel the pain. 

What it Means: There is going to be a significant transition coming up in your life that is going to be difficult and uncomfortable for you. The tooth about this dream is that deep down, you know what the right thing to do is, but it still might be painful for you. Difficult choices are a regular part of the journey of life, but this doesn’t mean that they hurt any less! In the meantime, focus on “extracting” any negativity and practice some self-care. Go for a walk, take a bubble bath, whiten your teeth, etc.


The Dream: Like shattered glass, your teeth are all cracked and broken, maybe falling apart into sharp shards.

What it Means: This dream means that you might be “cracking” under  pressure right now at work or in your personal life. Maybe you are working too hard and putting everyone and everything before yourself. This is admirable, but remember that you have to take care of yourself first! You are probably feeling stressed out. Take some time to plan that much-needed vacation or maybe practice some mindful meditation.